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#16 Telepathic Human Animal Communication with Guest Barbara Mariano, The Animal Whisperer

TODAY we’re here to talk with Barbara Mariano, otherwise known as The Animal Whisperer, about animal intuition and telepathic human animal communication. So, if you are having any behavioral issues with your pets, or would like to communicate with your pets, then this is the episode for you.

Barbara has worked with animals for over 30 years.  From a young age she had the gift of developed intuitive abilities, which is really just saying she was born “knowing things” and that knowing includes a deep connection to animals and nature.

This intuition and knowing also applies to humans. For example, she would sometimes know when someone was going to pass on. She tells the story of a close family friend, her mother’s best friend, that suddenly Barbara knew had to go visit. She kept insisting on a visit even though her husband at the time resisted it. Soon after that visit, this friend passed over.

Barbara was in her early 20’s at the time. She is Clairsentience meaning she would get  a strong feeling that something was up. She would feel uncomfortable and a tightness in her solar plexus.

Barbara is also clairvoyant and will see messages appear as images.

For years, Barbara tried to avoid this knowing. She kept busy raising kids and working as a food broker sales representative. It wasn’t until she was 39, when she got her cat Athena, that she embraced this intuition and began her training and a career in animal communication.

Listen to Barbara tell the story of how her cat Athena welcomed her to the world of human animal communication.

Ten years after her experience with Athena, Barbara took formal training from Penelope Smith, the Godmother of Animal Communications in Point Reyes, CA.

Penelope was one of the few brave souls that opened the door for the rest of Animal communicators.

Penelope told Barbara, “Go forth and prosper. Go do your work as an animal communicator, you are ready.” Penelope and her training gave Barbara the encouragement to move forward with animal communication as a career.

Barbara also studied with  the famous, Anna Brightenback, from Australia. She also studied Reiki and became a master herself, then went on to teach others Reiki certification. She then used Reiki on animals which greatly improved her results.

human animal communication

How Can Human Animal Communication and Reiki on Animals Help?

Barbara tells story of her client, an owner of two little Chihuahua dogs, Sophie and Savanna. The owner brought a new dog in the family for her son, a boxer named Routy. The two “mean girls,” as the owner described them, were bullying Routy who was a gentle giant. They would also bark a lot which was annoying the family. Barbara was able to help calm these two little dogs which led to a much happier Routy and family.

Donna tells the success story of her own dog, Izzy, a 70-pound Shepard, who was fearful of everyone but the family members. Izzy would bark ferociously towards others. Now Donna can have visitors over without the fear of Izzy biting them.

Another client, Buddy the dog, had been used as bait in a dog fighting ring. It was just a matter of time before Buddy would be killed by another dog. Lucky for Buddy, he got sick and was “discarded” and then picked up by a rescue organization. Buddy had experienced terrible trauma and was therefore vicious towards his new owners.

Barbara performed long distance reiki and intuitive work on Buddy and in just a few sessions, Buddy turned around from being vicious to loving towards his owners.

Communication with Deceased Pets

Barbara describes her training in Family Constellation work with Bert Hellinger

and how it helps to resolve problems with your pets, or with other people in your life. These relationship issues, frustration or grief could even be with a distant relative or with someone or a pet that has already passed over.

Barbara or one of her clients will literally “step into” the shoes or paws of the distant or passed over person or pet.

When you step onto into the person’s shoes or animal’s paws, you feel what that person or animal is

feeling. This is a form of communicating with deceased pets or humans.

More about Barbara Mariano…

Barbara Mariano

Barbara is a healer, mentor, counselor, life coach, animal intuitive, medium, storyteller, Reiki teacher, Reiki practitioner, and a psychic. Her certifications are endless! You can read more about her background on her website:



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