#9 Grounding Techniques: Quickly Balance, Ground and Relax Yourself w/ Guest Carrie Ann Smith

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Carrie Ann Smith. L.Ac. Dipl. OM MS. TCM, who explores the well-known concept that we are made of information and light and are essentially a living hologram. She also guides us through two exercises, one for quickly entering an alpha brain wave state for deep relaxation and increased creativity and intuition. The second exercise is a simple grounding technique for quickly grounding and balancing yourself and anchoring into the present moment. If you wish to balance and align yourself for building a more desired state of reality, then then this is the episode for you.

Carrie Ann shares her story, of being sensitive to energy from a young age, and as an adult, having a career life separate from a mystical life for years until the two eventually merged. She now delivers esoterica acupuncture locally in Nevada County, California. She does virtual work with clients where she utilizes a holographic landscape, helping her clients to align and enhance their coherence for wellbeing.

Carrie Ann was first introduced to the holographic theory and supporting science in 2009. The idea that we are inhabiting these holograms, and that we (our bodies, meridians, chakras, auras) are a living stream of information and light, kept reappearing in Carrie Ann’s life which led her to research this science in depth. She studied quantum physics and holographic science.

This theory is not new science. It stems back to the 1950’s. The new science around this holographic idea is how the pieces all get put together, and the suggestion that this theory is a more accurate explanation of our existence.

What is a Hologram?

You might recall producing a hologram in physics class. In the famous movie, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker turns on a device that makes an image of Princess Leah appear. If you live in California, your driver’s license contains a hologram.

The idea of the hologram is that any piece of the system is going to represent the whole. So, if you were to cut any segment from the whole, you would have all the information you need to recreate the whole. To better understand a hologram, Carrie Ann talks about the science and research behind this theory…

The Science Being this Holographic Theory

The study that suggests we are light and that our large molecules and DNA produce light and different wave forms began in 1976 in Vienna by a physicist. As time progresses, scientists develop more and more measuring tools to support this theory.

Even Einstein knew there was something that unified everything. He could not prove it, but he had theories as to why. Today’s science has pieces of this theory.  Newtonian physics allows us to build a bridge that safely holds together. It allows us to launch a rocket ship into space. Quantum physics begins to explain how everything is connected and more energized by forces that we don’t yet understand. For example, we have theories about electricity. We know it works, but we don’t have the full explanation. We don’t have proof that it works.  So, there are pieces of the science, but we don’t yet know how all the pieces all fit together. We use them separately, but we don’t have the unified theory. Einstein knew it existed and had his theories as to why.

Since Einstein, more scientists have moved this theory further. Gerard Hoodt, in 1993, proposed that all the information contained in a region, a three-dimensional space, is represented as a hologram. Gerard was the first person that proposed the idea that the space around us and within us is the information that brings it all together. He came up with this by putting together the pieces of other physicists, Jude Currivan, being one of them.

Jude Currivan is physicist and cosmetologist. In her book, The Cosmic Hologram, she wrote, “For everyone who wonders, not only how our universe is as it is, but why. And for those who are willing to follow the evidence, wherever it leads.” Scientists like Jude Currivan and others including astrologists are asking these bigger questions that perhaps answer the match for our bodies and our systems.  Are our meridians holographic representations of information? Do they transport light?

Holographic LandscapeWhen we are not observing a forest, does it still exist?

The Observer Principal states that the observer affects reality, or manifests reality, on the light level. Is suggests that reality exists in that moment only. It’s our perception in the moment that creates reality. Studies supporting this theory began in the 1950’s.

The movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? addresses this Observer Principal. This Observer Principal theory started in the 1950’s, yet scientists have gone beyond this theory, and have even gone on to study why a light particle would chose to be one way or another. Or what influences the choice of a particle being a particle or a wave. Or, how can an electron can be in one place and then suddenly in another.

The Holographic Landscape Carrie Ann Sees Around her Clients

As Carrie Ann progressed in her career and studied this science and the idea that we are a holographic landscape, it started to make sense why her sessions with clients were different from traditional energy work. All types of practitioners are working with information and energy, but it’s normal for energy workers and healers to all perceive differently.  Typically, a practitioner sees one’s aura or senses their energy. For example, a practitioner might sense stuck energy in the shoulder in a client. They might sense that this stuck energy is from something the client is holding on to from the past.

This type of sensing is effective, but it doesn’t show up for Carrie Ann in that way. She does have the ability to sense energy, but her representation of the client’s energy is perceived differently. The way Carrie Ann perceives during client sessions is by seeing the person as clear light that also surrounds them – their living hologram. Her teacher suggested early on that if we can see that “a shoulder isn’t a shoulder”, rather see the shoulder as a living stream of light, then we are a lot less limited in understanding what the shoulder problem might really be about. The issue might not be what’s the physical body is representing, the shoulder. The issue might be about something else, like an emotional issue.

The holographic concept displays the living landscape of the client which could result in the representation of an image or a symbol, for example. When working the greater field of the client, Carrie Ann would use whatever tool presented itself which would be the tool needed in that moment. These tools could be symbols, intuitive insights, information, or messages from their guides. This shift in thinking and work allows Carrie Ann to tap into the intuition and wisdom of the individual which often increases the effectiveness of the session, because people are so wise!

What can one expect from a Holographic Landscape Session?

As a result, the energetic shifts in the client can happen more easily and readily. They can happen during the session, in the moment, and/or long after. Also, the shift could be unrelated to the focus of the session. Sessions are not limited to physical symptoms. One’s property they live on can also be worked on to produce an energetic shift. Or perhaps one feels stuck in some aspect of their life and seeks assistance to move this energy.

How to ground yourself, create more balance and relaxation, and increase creativity and intuition…

Carrie Ann likes to assist her clients in working with their own intuition. We become empowered when we can tap into our own intuition for everyday guidance. Everyone has intuitive abilities.  Some are just more aware of these skills. With practice anyone can become better and better at tapping into their intuition.

In this episode, she teaches us two simple, yet highly effective grounding techniques. They can be done together or separately. The first exercise takes just a couple of minutes. It helps us to relax and puts us in a more receptive state increasing clarity and intuition. This technique can be used:

  • Anytime you get stumped or forgetful of something
  • When wanting to increase creativity
  • When having trouble sleeping
  • Before meditate
  • When feeling triggered by a person or situation
  • When feeling tension or anxiety
  • Before giving a speech

It puts our brain waves into a more harmonious rhythm by triggering the alpha brain wave state. It’s a sure cure for the monkey mind.

The second exercise utilizing visualization, a well researched technique and powerful tool. It help us to:

  • Get grounded in our bodies
  • Become more balanced
  • Anchor into the present moment

More about Carrie Ann Smith

Carrie Ann Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Chinese Medical practitioner both in the state of California and nationally. She received a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California. Today she has moved into offering a non-traditional method of Acupuncture named Esoteric Acupuncture. Carrie Ann also offers what she came to call Holographic Landscape Sessions both in her office and long distance via the internet or telephone.

Download your free training on how to access your higher guidance: http://sarrissa.com/a-gift-for-you.html – no optin necerssary!

You can learn more about Carrie Ann Smith here:





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