10# Angel Orbs: Discover Your Life’s Purpose with Guest Lisa A. Clayton

More about angels and angel orbs! In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Lisa A. Clayton, about how to tap into your intuition as well as receive guidance from angels, from Source, or from your guides, however they may show up for you.

If you are struggling with your current life path whether it be your career, or with relationships, or wanting to know your life’s purpose, or you just feel that something is missing in general from your life, then this is the episode for you. Lisa A. Clayton, MS, Author, Master Trainer, is an Ordained Angel Minister who does angel transmissions and a whole lot more.

From a young age of six years old, Lisa could sense, see and even hear angels in her presence. She grew up on a farm in Ohio, and one day while gathering the cows in the pasture for milking, she laid down in the green grass and began asking God questions like, Why am I here? Why are my parents telling all these things I’m not feeling aligned with, or don’t believe or don’t understand? It was a beautifully sunny and crystal-clear day without a cloud in the sky. Lisa looked up into the sky and there she saw an angel-winged cloud in the sky.

From that day on she made a commitment to herself that she would always believe in angels. The message she received that day from the angel was her very first of a lifetime of messages to follow. We’re always with you. We’ll help guide you through this Earthly experience. So just trust in us.

As a little girl of six, Lisa knew she could always rely on the angels for support. Every Sunday in Church, Lisa would feel the presence of the angels. She would hear their voices. Messages still come to her to this day. She often looks up into a clear sky and sees gorgeous angel-winged cloud formations. Lisa is clairvoyant and clairaudient.

But Lisa went through the typical teenage years where she wanted to be like everyone else, to “fit in”. She shut down her ability to connect with and receive from angels during those years. Lisa tells us the story of how she got reintroduced to the angelic realm as an adult who was deep into a successful career of teaching training courses to employees at large corporations.

From one day to the next, in the crash of 2008, she lost all her corporate clients and found herself in near financial despair. The economy had taken her business and income source away overnight. But was it really the economy? Lisa will tell you it was her angels guides shaking her up, trying to give her a message loud and clear that her career was not aligned with her heart’s desire and soul path.

One day, Lisa happen to tune into an internet radio talk show regarding angel orbs. Every word spoken by Kimberly Marooney, the guest speaker, resonated in Lisa’s heart. Listen to Lisa share the lucky coincidence that led her to become an Angel Minister with Kimberly’s certification program, a synchronicity that changed Lisa’s life forever on many levels. A change that put her back into heart alignment. Lisa realized she had a gift. She was an intuitive and decided to make a business of doing angel transmissions to help people connect with their hearts and to connect with their angel guides.

What exactly IS an Angel?

Most of us think of angels as beautiful human-like figures with long, flowing hair, beautiful gowns, and of course, the signature, large wings like a bird. Lisa doesn’t see this kind of figure, however, when she sees angels. Lisa usually sees beautiful orbs of light – an angel orb. She also hears messages clearly, and she sees cloud formations of angel wings in the sky. When she takes photos of sacred places or while meditating, Lisa will see the orbs of light in the actual photos.

So, what are angels, really? Lisa describes angels, or angel orbs, as beings of light with amazing souls that are traveling in the light dimension. A quote from one of her angels books states, “Angels are beings of light that transcend every religion, philosophy and every creed. Angels have no religion as we know it. Their existence proceeds every religious system that has ever existed on Earth.”

angel orbs

We all have the ability to connect with angels.

We all have the ability to connect with angels. Some, like Lisa, are just more progressed or have more practice. We may not even realize that small synchronicities are actually signs from angels or guides. A sign may include spotting a feather or penny on the ground – hence the term “Pennies from Heaven”.

The angels are constantly trying to communicate with us. The angels always ask us, Can you open up? Can you open up your heart to receive us? Because we have to much love and light to share with you.” They all want to guide us here on Earth, and they guide us through the heart.

To receive a sign or message, simply open up your heart and ask for assistance. To have an open heart means to really trust and believe there IS higher assistance available to us from the higher realms. Some people call it God, some the Universe, Source, or Creator. Angels are the messengers that help us get connected with our higher source.

Sometimes the messages are drastic like taking away all your corporate clients (in Lisa’s case). Sometimes it’s as simple as finding a penny or experiencing an unexpected synchronicity like when something just beautifully falls into place. It’s the angel’s way of waking us up and saying, There is a resource for your here. There is help and guidance, and lots of love and light that you haven’t yet tapped into.

When you do find a penny, or especially a dime, take a moment to breathe into your heart and say, Thank You. You don’t have to figure out what it means. It could simply be a gift from the divine. But try to notice it and give gratitude, and you’ll soon enjoy an increased frequency of signs and synchronicities.

When you seek assistance, ask questions. Ask for help.

  • Please help me.
  • What’s next for me in this particular situation I’m in? (Perhaps it’s a struggle.)
  • What ideas could I generate to produce a sustainable income?

Ask questions of that nature.

The difficult part is to stay out of the victim or blame mode when a drastic sign shows itself, such as in Lisa’s case of losing all her corporate clients – seeing the occurrence as purposeful and a blessing rather than being angry about it.

What Is an Angel Transmission?

The purpose of Lisa’s Angel Transmissions it to connect her clients with the messages that the angels bring through. Sometimes she pulls an oracle card, but it’s not about the cards. The transmission is about the energy in the messages coming through the cards for that person’s heart. She is able to sense, feel almost see the messages by connecting through the heart.

Listen to Lisa talk about Whole Heart Happiness, a concept that was downloaded to her that she calls a movement.

What to expect when receiving an Angel Transmission

Every Angel Transmission starts with a Spiral Heart Meditation which activates that golden essence of light that is within our hearts.

Lisa tries to get clients out of the linear process of asking a specific question and getting an answer. Rather she brings them back into the essence of who they are and allows the angels to bring forth the information the client needs to hear at that time. She helps to activate and expand their higher consciousness in the now by opening them up and allowing them to be present in the moment and absorb these messages to apply to their current situations.

Lisa doesn’t predict the future. She is not a physic, yet things could come up that lend to future action steps. Lisa is just the transmitter. A transmitter for the angels who want to connect with the client. She uses Stewart Pearce’s orb oracle cards to facilitate this transmission along with other Angel oracle cards she is guided to use. There is an exchange of heart energy between Lisa and her client’s hearts and the hearts of the angels. This energy often expresses itself through the cards. This energy is so strong that a card might literally move or fly out of the deck.

More About Lisa A. Clayton

Lisa Clayton in an author and Master Trainer and the Founder of Source Potential, a human development company, Lisa offers more than 30 years of experience in professional training, coaching and consulting.  She created a unique learning method for developing individual potential and application of learning concepts which was used worldwide by clients such as American Express and HSBC in facilitator certifications.

Lisa also conducts intuitive counseling and Angel transmissions as an ordained Angel minister and specializes in connecting individuals with their spiritual domain and resources.  From her passion for heart and intuitive learning, Lisa became a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach.

With Lisa’s life-long teaching and coaching philosophy of “learning from the inside out”, she has creatively combined her Angel intuitive abilities with heart-focused techniques to create Inner Leader: Lead from Heart. This three-month program helps you to connect, learn and expand your own unique, inner leadership abilities and inner-self gifts through deep discovery and healing to live the life you are meant to live.   

You can learn more about Lisa at her website: www.LisaAClayton.com.

You may gain access to her 12 angel prayers by purchasing the book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

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