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#19 We Can All Be a Psychic Medium with Guest Ingrid Turner

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness Podcast, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Ingrid Turner, about what it means to be a psychic medium and in alignment with your true life’s path. She talks about how to be spiritually connected and receive guidance from spirit guides, the Divine, or one’s higher self.

If you are struggling with your current life path, whether it be your career, or with relationships, or wanting more clarity on your life’s purpose, or you just feel that something is missing in general from your life, then this is the episode for you. Ingrid Turner, author, educator, spiritual psychic medium with a background in marketing, became an ordained minister and now has her own ministry where she teaches students how to become spiritual, intuitive coaches and educators.

In this episode, Ingrid teaches us about the differences between a psychic medium, channeling and intuition, each being a vehicle to bring through spirit. She explains how there are different levels of energy and beings of different vibrational stance. Your vibration determines what kind of energies you connect to. Divine spirit, for example, has a higher frequency, one of love and faith.

Learn why Ingrid’s job is to get out of the way as unglamorous as it sounds.

While Ingrid grew up in a very spiritual household championed by her father, there was no talk about channeling or psychic abilities. She tells the story of her first channeling experience when a spirit came to her with a poem which Ingrid transcribed. Her parents were so surprised at her choice of words – quite sophisticated for a 7-year-old.

Ingrid tells us about her years of struggle when she had shut down her intuitive and psychic abilities and lived out of alignment from her own life’s purpose. She was a people pleaser and lived a life of being a good girl to everyone else but herself. She lived in a toxic relationship and with addictive drinking. She hit rock bottom when shame took over.

“It’s so easy for people to use numbing agents like alcohol and drugs, TV and social media in today’s world, because of all the negativity being broadcasted. Life is hard, life is a struggle. People think it’s the norm.”

Ingrid enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous where she regained her spiritual foundation which opened her up to accepting an invitation to a shamanic healing event. This event was transformational. In fact, Ingrid experienced a “cracking open” as she likes to call it, a dramatic and abrupt spiritual awakening. This “cracking open” was so abrupt that Ingrid felt ungrounded for an entire year after, yet support showed up in the most unexpected ways.

Ingrid knew however, it was time to change her career and dedicate her life to be an intuitive healer and educator.

Ingrid would literally feel physical pain and depression when went back to working marketing projects.

After working as an intuitive healer and medium, Ingrid received the clear message from her guide Monz to open a ministry and educate others in doing this spiritual healing work.

Announcing the Bhava Spiritual Mission

In September 2017, Ingrid opened a church called the Bhava Spiritual Mission with the purpose of starting a ministry so that she could teach her work to others. In April 2018, she launched her first ministry with its year-long training program.

The first half of this international, online program focuses on teaching people to connect with their divine spirit and to develop a spiritual practice for themselves. Part of her job as the educator is to guide her students on when they are connecting to spirit versus when they are in their minds. This helps students to feel the difference, so they can practice on their own.

We can all connect to spirit. We can all become a psychic medium. This work is not reserved for “special people”.

The second half focuses on teaching students marketing skills and assisting them in launching their healing business. Students who join this program or take any of Ingrid’s classes become part of this international, online community and support group for life as part of her Forever Training Program guarantee.

It’s ok to charge money for spiritual work.

Ingrid had to break through her own blocks and preconditioning with the tie between spiritual work and earning money. In her one-on-one healing sessions and in her courses, she works with her clients and students to break through their own financial blocks.

You can learn more about Ingrid Turner and the Bhava Spiritual Mission at her website, or email her directly at

Be sure to listen to this entire episode for a special discount offered by Ingrid to our guests.










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