#12 Managing Your Emotions with Guest Speaker, Anna-thea

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Anna-thea, about managing your emotions and the secrets of how to transform your life by learning how to reclaim your body as a woman, and how to empower yourself to awaken your divine feminine power.

This episode is for you, if you would like to finally free yourself from any of the following:

  • obsessive, compulsive behaviors
  • body image issues
  • relationship challenges
  • intimacy issues

Anna-thea tells her story of how she became a Divine Feminine Educator helping women get their needs met in relationship by managin their emotions. Her own experiences of emotional pain from love relationships got her into the work to not only help herself, but other women all around the world.

Anna-thea has Libra in her chart, so her soul desires conscious equal partnership, fairness, balance, and connection in relationships. This could be love relationships as well as friendships and family or work relationships. It’s a deep soul-level desire for Anna-thea to have that harmony.

Her own journey in love relationships experiencing love loss, betrayal, and pornography by her partner, led her to seek a better way for reclaiming her divine feminine power, reclaiming her sexuality, and reclaiming her body. She had her own body issues and obsessive food related issues, including a struggle with bulimia at one point in her life.

Anna-thea took a two-year spiritual sexual educational training program which not only transformed her own life, but allowed her to help other women as an educator and coach.  And for the first time, she began to feel pleasure in her body and in her life.

Her mission is to give women a new vision, a new way of self-love and acceptance. It’s all about learning how to reclaim our bodies as women, and how to set healthy boundaries. It’s about respect, honor, nurturing, patience, and understanding.

Listen to Anna-thea talk about:

  • The feminine and masculine forms of sexuality and their differences, and how both men and women each need both types
  • Setting healthy boundaries to reclaim ourselves as women and not putting up with the expectations set by society over the decades
  • Freeing ourselves from sexual “duty”, and just being a “good wife”
  • What exactly women’s empowerment means, in Anna-thea’s mind
  • What it means as women to hold a beautiful space for men


Managing Your Emotion by Learning How to FEEL Your Feelings

Anna-thea talks about how essential it is to feel your feelings… the good AND the bad. She claims it is the most powerful thing we can do as a woman for self-love and self-growth. In our society, we find it easy to feel the good feelings, yet we tend to run from the not so good feelings – until they get so deep rooted that other chronic problems arise. She talks about the “4 D’s”: Disease, Drama, Depression, Disaster that result from not feeling your feelings.

Especially in our culture, we tend to numb our feelings with over working, TV watching, eating, drinking and other drugs, shopping, social media, gaming, you name it. Keep busy so you don’t have to feel. Don’t run from the feelings. When you run from the feelings, they seed deeper.


When you feel your feelings you tap into a sense of wisdom and Sensual Aliveness.

Anna-thea introduces a structure, or process, for learning how to feel and be with our feelings. One process is to categorize the feelings into one of six categories: Sad, Mad, Glad, Fear, Numb and Shame. Notice, that only one of the categories is considered a “good” feeling. This categorization is part of the “4 N Process” for managing your emotions taught by Anna-thea by which you can then understand what is underneath the feelings, what is causing them.

The “4 N Process” allows you to feel these uncomfortable emotions in a productive way, so you can access that wisdom behind them. And when you get used to feeling even the uncomfortable feelings, they become familiar and more comfortable. They are so uncomfortable because we are not used to feeling them.

managing your emotions with anna-thea

There is a better way…

There is a better way for the women who are struggling with relationship issues, body image issues, intimacy issues, or compulsive disorders. This better way is to step into loving yourself on a deeper level. It is the art of intimacy and self-love.


More about Anna-thea…

Anna-thea is a women’s sensuality and sexuality coach who helps women become more sensually ALIVE.  She has been educating, inspiring and empowering women for over 17 years. She is an author, teacher and intimacy coach, dedicated to helping you to live more confidently and to speak authentically from your heart.

She wants to help you discover how BEAUTIFUL your body is no matter what age, shape or size. And how SACRED your sexuality is. She teaches you how to take care of yourself emotionally, how to develop better communication in your relationships, how to experience more pleasure in your life and HOW to have a deeper understanding of your sexuality.

Anna-thea is the author of the book, Empowering Yourself by Loving Your Body: The woman’s guide to reclaiming yourself as sacred. Her exclusive programs will inspire you and give you new perspectives on what it means to be a woman in our society today. You can learn more about Anna-thea at her website: www.Annathea.org and register for her courses here: Anna-thea’s courses.














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