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#17 Grow New Teeth!

Learn how to grow new teeth naturally.

UPDATE 9/4/2018:  Since recording this podcast, I have noticed a significant change in the two chips in my front lower teeth. I have two chips in my lower front two teeth that felt like small holes along the edges. When rubbing my tongue along the tops of these teeth, the edges felt sharp. Just yesterday, I noticed that when I feel this area with my tongue it feels much smoother and the holes are filling in! Check back at this post for more updates.

This is going to sound crazy, but I’ve learned from a holistic dentist that one can grow new teeth. It takes a few years, but if you follow this protocol, you can grow your teeth back! Not a lot of people have the patience or discipline to follow the protocol, but I know of one person locally in my town who has had success. One of her fillings was pushed out from the new growth!

I am one year into the protocol. I have a while to go, but one of my fillings is showing signs of separating from my tooth. I am soooo excited to have new teeth and follow the protocol diligently.

Our teeth do grow back, just like our hair and our nails. It just takes a very long time to grow new teeth and we do things that inhibit the growth which we will get into shortly. There’s a lot of research popping up about this lately. Maybe you’ve seen advertisements, like I have, about tooth regeneration.  Scientists are trying to develop materials that speed up the process. They call it stem cell therapy for teeth. The protocol I am following promotes teeth regeneration naturally.

Here’s how my story began…

I’ve had a lot of dentistry work done over the years. I remember one time in my teens, I had 13 cavities in one visit to the dentist. I have also had five root canals, and two implants. Then, two of my root canals started to give me trouble, so I went to see a holistic dentist named Dr. Teresa Isabel in Auburn, California, which is which is close to me. I was having pain and discomfort in both of these teeth.

Dr. Isabel identified two secondary infections in my roots. She really didn’t have a whole lot of recommendation for me, as my situation is kind of a bleak. There is not a whole lot that could be done. She said I could go see an endodontist to see if maybe I could have those root canals redone. I did go see one, but he said that the tooth would just get re-infected due to too much bone loss. He suggested having it pulled.  I decided to hold off, but eventually the pain got so bad, I had to have the tooth pulled. I couldn’t wait for the tooth to grow back.

My other infected root canal is doing much better. It’s not giving me the pain that I was having last year. Occasionally, I feel some discomfort. The holistic dentist said that the discomfort is often due to inflammation caused by the toxins coming in through the ears and nose. He also said that it’s common for some recommended dental work to be unnecessary.

Third time is a charm…

I had heard about this holistic dentist twice before, but didn’t give it much thought. With the increasing pain in two of my teeth, and having visited Dr. Isabel with not much of an action plan, I paid attention when his name came up yet a third time. I called him to make an appointment, but had to wait six months before I could get in. I was lucky that he was taking new patients at the time. I had a long talk with him over the phone and a friend had given me his protocol, so I began following the protocol shortly after that phone call.

Our teeth never get a chance to grow back…

What I learned from this holistic doctor is that the conventional methods for teeth hygiene are literally scraping away all of our new growth. And toxins in the air promote decay and infection in the teeth and roots. And our teeth don’t get the proper nutrients to promote new growth. So, the protocol addresses the following concerns:

  1. Vigorous brushing and routine teeth cleanings strip away the new growth
  2. Toxins from the air promote decay and infections
  3. A lack of nutrients inhibits tooth growth

How to grow new teeth…

This protocol I am about to share with you is a radical 180 from what we all have grown up with and learned our entire lives from our parents and from our dentists. Are you ready?

I’ll address each challenge here:

Step A: Preserve the New Growth

  1. First of all, you need to stop going to the dentist for routine cleanings every six months. This might scare you, it did scare me at first.
  2. Secondly, stop brushing your teeth. Yes, you heard me. Stop brushing your teeth. We’ll get into the alternative cleaning methods below.
  3. Stop flossing. Yes, you heard me again, stop flossing. Again, we’ll get into the alternative cleaning methods below.

Are you still with me? 

And now on to the next part…


Step B: Clear out toxins entering your nose and ears.

If you know anything about the benefits of using a nedi pot, you probably know that a lot of junk enters our bodies through our nasal passage. Well, the nose and the ears are a direct route to the jaw – the roots, gums and teeth. We need to remove that junk daily, in fact twice per day is ideal, to prevent inflammation and infection and decay in the jaw.


Using a nasal irrigator to clean each nasal passage once per day but preferably twice. A nedi pot works also, but the nasal irrigator is preferred because it gets deeper in the sinuses. He also recommends to cleaning out the ears. Both nasal and ear irrigation takes some getting used to. It will feel like second nature after a while!

  • It’s important to use the following ingredients for your water mixture that is used with the nasal irrigator. The vitamin C power is organic and food derived, not manufactured. The salt is the normal ingredient for nasal irrigation, but the vitamin C and oreganol oil helps to kill bad bacteria and clean out the toxins. Mix 8 oz. of clean water with one packet or 1 t. Nasaline Salt, 1/4 t. Alive! Vitamin C, and 1-3 drops of Oreganol Oil.

Use this mixture in the irrigator and use a full syringe full for each side of the nostril. Then give a small squirt into one ear while tilting the head to the side. Immediately follow by straightening your head to allow the water to drip back out of the ear. Repeat on other side.



Step C: Clean and Nourish Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth is now a three-step process. This process will surely keep your teeth as well as nourished to promote new growth.

First, you are going to rinse your mouth well with vitamin C water using using the same Alive! Vitamin C powder. Then you are going to create a homemade toothpaste using a high quality, plain yogurt such as the Nancy’s or Stoneyfield or Strauss brand. I use a plain sheep yogurt from the health food store, as I tend to avoid cow dairy.


To make the yogurt paste, first steep one organic green tea bag in 8 oz. of cold or room temperature water for 20 minutes.  The Equal Exchange brand is good, but any organic green tea is fine.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of the organic green tea to 1 cup of whole milk organic plain yoghurt. Store that in the refrigerator in closed lid jar. You’ll use 1 tablespoon of the yoghurt/tea mixture and mix in 1/2 teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth to make your paste. Store the paste in small jar also in the refrigerator. This paste will last you about 4 brushings.

Create a vitamin C water rinse using 1/4 t. of the same Alive! Vitamin C powder with 8 oz. of water. Store that in the refrigerator also. When traveling, I have left both the paste and the vitamin C water out in room temperature for several hours.

Twice per day:

  1. Rinse your mouth with vitamin C water. For optimal cleaning, use this vitamin C water in a water pick unit to rinse out the mouth: Water Pik Complete Care and Flosser
  2. Following the vitamin C rinse, “paint” on the yogurt paste with a soft toothbrush. Avoid vigorous or firm brushing. Spit out any excess paste, but don’t rinse your mouth or eat or drink for about 30 minutes after painting to allow the paste to absorb.
  3. Use The Doctro’s Brush Picks for cleaning in between your teeth as needed. These picks are flexible and won’t strip away new growth.



STEP D: Promote New Stem Cell Regeneration

The last thing I want to cover is what I am doing to speed up new growth. The holistic dentist suggested taking these digestive enzymes, because they increase stem cell growth. These enzymes are marketed as digestive enzymes and there are many different kinds on the market. I use this particular brand he recommended, because he knows the manufacturer. They are very clean, meaning they contain no extra garbage or toxic fillers in them: Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes Complete.

There are many types of enzymes on the market and most are used for increasing food digestion. Some types are best for fat digestion and some are better for protein digestion. Some are just all around good for digesting food.  What my holistic dentist learned is that if these enzymes are taken away from food, they promote stem cell regeneration.

How does he know?

My holistic dentist goes to international conventions for stem cell research and gets to meet researchers and scientist from all over the world. He studies the latest stem cell research and applies what he learns to teeth regeneration. He figured that stem cell regeneration in other parts of the body can also be applied to our teeth. As a result, he developed and modifies this protocol based on what he learns as new research is completed.

I originally took digestive enzymes for my injured shoulder…

I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain at the time that I went to see the holistic dentist. I had injured my left shoulder at consecutive exercise classes during which I overextended the shoulder muscles. I was dealing with the chronic pain for several years and could not get it to heal. I laid off those muscles, skipping the shoulder exercises. I did physical therapy. Nothing was helping. When I told my dentist about my chronic shoulder pain, he immediately suggested the digestive enzymes.

He explained that the enzymes will promote healing of scarring from injuries whether internal or external. The enzymes increase stem cells in the area of the scarring. He said to take a picture of any external scars and watch them disappear! I never took any pictures, but after only one week of the enzymes, my shoulder pain significantly decreased.  It was amazing! My shoulder is now back to normal, however, I do tend to overdo it on the exercises, so I am careful to baby these muscles and occasionally experience the shoulder pain. I still take the enzymes for the new growth in my teeth.

The trick is to take these enzymes on an entirely empty stomach, so first thing in the morning is best, and late at night before bed at least 3 hours away from food. If you take them closer to food, it won’t harm you, it will promote food digestion. Taken with food, however, won’t help with stem cells.  He suggested one tablet twice per day, but you can take more to speed up the process. Just be aware, that your body might show signs of detoxification, such as a full body rash. I experienced a rash when I increased the dosage, but it only lasted about 20 minutes.


Seem like a lot?

Listen to Donna talk about her routine and how she’s got it down to an efficient, daily process:


Curious about this holistic dentist?

I was told I could share his protocol, but that I could not publicly share his name. I would love to interview him on this podcast, but he would rather stay under the radar for reasons I’m not going to mention. I’m sure many of you can probably imagine why. His protocol promotes self-empowerment, it promotes self-healing and it prevents visits to the dentist. It basically puts traditional dentist out of business.

I look forward to your questions and comments. If I cannot answer the questions, I will log them and ask the dentist at my next visit.


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