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Simply Living Wellness symbolizes a life of simplistic and holistic living.

My focus is health and wellness, because I’m a firm believer that happiness and good health starts with yourself. We can’t make anyone else happy, we can’t serve others, we can’t have healthy relationships with others, if we are not happy within ourselves.

Life unfolds for a reason. Never look back with regrets, rather use those experiences to make TODAY and the rest of our lives GREAT, and to help others do the same. After all (this is just my belief, but I honestly do believe it), that these experiences happened for a reason and that we WANTED it just that way. We chose our life and we chose our life experiences on a soul level, so that we could learn from them and advance to higher awareness and consciousness.

Whoa, that may be a lot to swallow if you are not already in tune with soul evolution. It’s OK. You don’t have to believe any of it. But I do believe that you probably wish to be happy and healthy and to love your life. And for that, we are here to help you and to help each other.

Why Simply Living?

Simply Living is about living in the moment, living in the present. And keeping it SIMPLE.  We run too fast, we do too much, we take care of everyone else it seems, before taking care of ourselves. We need to remember to take care of ourselves. A good place to start, at least for myself, is to simplify my life and get back to the basics. Cutting out the fluff and do what matters most. Focusing on what’s really important in life. Not being distracted by all the STUFF… the things I hang on to from the past, the things I acquire in the present, the things that accumulate.

Take a look around at your house. Do you really need all the stuff in your house? When you go to the store, think about every item you want to purchase. Do you really need it? Live for what brings meaning, for what is important, and forget about the rest!  For me, it’s connection that matters.

A colleague asked me today what deep connection means to me. And here is how I responded: “Deep connection to me means connecting to one’s spirit/higher self/inner wisdom, and also to source, and also to others on a deeper level, meaning with love and connecting over like-interests that both parties are deeply passionate about.”

What lights you up? What gets you to jump out of bed in the morning? The things that matter the most to me are the activities and relationships that spark deep passion. When I can discuss, share and take part in passionate activities, discussions and relationships that light me up, I feel the most connection.

Why Wellness?

It’s been my passion for years to learn about self healing, alternative medicine, nutrition, and anything and everything to do with wellness.  Wellness to me, means living a holistic lifestyle where one takes care of their physical and emotional body, their mind AND their spirit. What is spirit you might ask? Click here to learn How I Discovered Spirituality?

Wellness is not just about addressing  physical symptoms, but looking at healthcare holistically. Going back to ancient practices that have been around for thousands of years. Modern medicine certainly has its place, and for that I am grateful, but healthcare is about whole lot more.

With Simply Living Wellness, I hope to share the best of what I have learned and experienced myself, but also to curate the best of what is out there into one place. Information that I’ve come across in my own research that I hope you will find helpful. I want to save you the time of hunting it down yourself. I also know that you have lots to share yourselves and hope that you will engage and interact with us here on the website, or over on Facebook.

Who is Donna Abreu?

I’m a mom of two and together with my family, I live in a rural part of Northern California in the Sierra Mountain foothills. I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing community of educated people that have good consciousness, a strong openness and awareness, and a desire for living healthy, spiritual and adventurous lives.

It’s amazing what I have learned since living here about healthy and organic growing and eating, about sustainable and environmentally conscious living, about alternative and preventative medicine, and about spirituality and energy healing. I just love the people I am surrounded with!

I am a dual U.S./Swiss citizen and a lot of my viewpoints come from living in in Europe (Switzerland) for many years of my upbringing. The Europeans often know how to live conscious lives by hanging on to old traditions of whole food eating, vacationing from work for more than two weeks of the year, and turning to herbs, remedies, diet and nutrition for healing before prescription medicines. They know how to eat their main meal at lunch and REST afterwards (what a concept) before heading back to work. And they tend to live a slower-paced lifestyle.

I find it fascinating how in the pharmacies throughout Europe (elsewhere too I know, Europe is just my personal experience), you’ll find people purchasing just as many herbal and homeopathic remedies (or more?) in the store as you would prescription medicines. I love, love that!

Join Our Community

Well, I hope you now know a little but about myself and my mission. I do look forward to getting to know all of YOU and hope that you will join me over on Facebook and here on the blog posts by leaving comments. I also would love and appreciate any sharing of our content.

Much love and light to you all!




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